If you didn’t know better you would expect to see a lot of green fields in Greenland. But you don’t. One of the legends that is wide spread around names of Greenland and Iceland says about a Norwegian named Erik the Red and his father, who were forced to leave Norway because they were involved in several crimes. Those two moves in Iceland, and after Erik’s father, Thorvald, dies, Erik’s name is linked again with several crimes committed in Iceland. Because of this he is forced expelled for three years out of the country. Greenland being the nearest shore he decides to spend the next years in the realms of this splendid location. When sentencing terms have expired, Erik has returned to Iceland in order to invite friends and neighbors to move closer to him in his new home. In order to attract more people to take their luggage and leave Iceland, called island of eternal ice “green country”. Too much he didn’t lie because there are parts of Greenland which are really green, especially during summer. Of course there are other legends which say that Greenland is actually a transcription error from Danish “Grönland” and that Greenland actually means “people’s country” or “earth country.”

Every town has a claim to fame, and in Ilulissat it is the icebergs, as the translation from Greenlandic. Actually Ilulissat is the Kalaallisut word for iceberg. Ilulissat is located in the western part of Greenland, 350 km north of Artic Circle. But the city is the most popular Greenland destination because of the nearby Icefjord, part of UNESCO World Heritage and made tourism the town’s main industry alongside fishing. The fjords surrounding Ilulissat, especially Sermeq Kujalleq, 56 kilometers long are the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. Its productivity is equal with New York City water consumption on a full year, 20 million tons of ice.

For me was amazing all the Greenland experience. From the astonishing landscape to the huge painting in blue and white, the kindness of people and delicious food, Greenland is a country which you must visit at least once in your life. You can hike, photograph, kayak, dog sledding, sailing or just to admire the breath taking surroundings.